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–Rules III KinoSoriaRueda


Soria International Film Fest Festival


III KinoSoriaRueda 2017

Del 10 al 20 de Noviembre


Kino Kabaret

Kino is a movement founded in Montreal in 1999 with the goal to encourage production and distribution of independent and original films. It is a group of video and film artists that have the drive to produce works by refusing to take the only path - ''traditional'' production. Inspired by the word ''kinè''- Greek root meaning "movement" - Kino is now synonymous with independent and free production. Kino's mission is to bring together all the artists who believe that the relevance of a film does not just amount to the size of its production budget. This movement operates by the motto of its founder, Christian Laurence: ''Do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it now. 


El Festivalito La Palma

El Festivalito was founded in 2002 and it has several common points with Kino Kabaret. The main goal of the festival is make movies. The festival is a meeting and a cinema camp with values of creativity, experience exchange and coliving.



III KinoSoriaRueda

The third edition of KinoSoriaRueda will be organised inside the XIX Certamen Internacional de Cortos Ciudad de Soria on November 10th-20th and will have KInoctámbulo, Festival de Trouville y el Festivalito-La Palma as main partners.

Directors, actors and technician will be challenged to create a short film in the city or the region of Soria during the first week of our festival.

"It is time for the crossing, and if we do not dare do it, we will forever be at the margins of ourselves.” -Fernando Pessoa



Dates to finish the project: from November 10th to 20th

–Call Opening: August 15th

–Deadline: November 1st 

–Prticipation fee: 60€& (the fee must be paid AFTER the participant is selected, not before)


-People from all nationalities can participate

-Any individuals with technical or artistic cinema skills regardless of nationality are invited to participate.-Participants must be in Soria by Friday November 10th between 5pm and 12am

-The festival will assign a  leitmotiv  for this edition on Saturday 11th at 10am.

-Short films must have at least one external scene in Soria city or the region.

-The maximum length will be 5 minutes (including credits).

-The final cut must be due in the date and place assignated by the organisation.

-All shorts will be screened and an award will be given away by the directors participating.

-Any short films that do not meet the requirements will be screened out of competition.



Honorable Mention for Best Short Film

• Honorable Mention for Best Script

• Honorable Mention for The Hardest Worker

• Geek Honorable Mention


Selection Criteria: 

• Your experience (shorts and reels) 

• Technical equipment and working team

• Your engagement 

• Your capacity to participate in international projects


Send the required documentation to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

-Participation form

-Proof of fee payment

-Photography of the participant


If you want to participate on your own, we would be glad to have you but keep in mind that you will have to take care of all your expenses.



The organisation does not take responsibility for the participants. Everyone is responsible for their own safety. If you do stunts at your own risk for a film, you have to be properly insured and trained.Participants must buy their own insurance if the consider it 



All the films must have the following text at the beginning or at the end:

Developed, shooted and edited in KinoSoriaRueda

XIX Certamen Internacional de Cortos Ciudad de Soria 2017

Each film must have Kino Soria Rueda 2017 logo at the beginning and the partners/sponsors logos at the end. These files will be provided by the organisation at the beginning of the Kino.



• The director/ producer accepts will make sure to own all exploitation rights of the short film that participates in KSR, also the transfer of ownership of all the authors (scriptwriters and musicians if there are any) and the transfer of ownership of the images of the actors. 

• Accepting this terms the director/ producer assures owns all the rights of the short film and excludes the organization of KSR of any responsibility. 

• Do not worry! It is not so complicated! The most complicated part is the music and for that we recommend to use music free of rights. If you are going to send the film to festivals everything has to be as legal as possible. 

• Also, the director/ producer agrees that the organization KSR and Festival de Cine de Soria will use the short film for cultural purposes only.

• The participation in III KinoSoriaRueda means that you agree with all this terms and regulations.


KinoSoriaRueda will cover: 


-Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the entire event

-Badge for the festival screenings

-KinoSoriaRueda will provide some shooting material



1. Forget what you have learned before coming to Soria

2. Do not bring any story to shoot

3. Prepare yourself Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually

4. Do not think about the story you want to tell: feel it

5. Let the city take you away by its people, its traditions, its places

6. The most important is coexistence and collaboration


If you have any issues, please warn the organisation. We are also learning.


Long live to guerrilla cinema and to adventures! Take the risk and participate!

We are waiting for you and we need you!!



III KinoSoriaRueda

From November 10th to November 20th




If you have any questions contact us here:




III KinoSoriaRueda

Centro Cívico Bécquer

Calles Infantes de Lara s/n,  42003. Soria. España.

Tln: /(+34) 975 233 069 / (+34) 607 303 257


E-Mail: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.


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